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I Thought I'd Lost You All... by LiimLsan
I Thought I'd Lost You All...
Sadmad over those cute beauties in "Home."
I want to say it's a spoiler but it won't even make sense AS you watch the movie.
Maija Isola tribute by LiimLsan
Maija Isola tribute
Got some books on the history and pattern gallery of Marimekko (you know, the giant flower fabric thing your artsy roommate used to own a palette of), and was struck dumb in particular by the patterns of one artist name of Maija Isola. No, not struck dumb. Beauty sobbing. These patterns - so powerful, so forceful, but never clinical - grandiose but human scaled - joyful yet witty - and always fluid, fluid like water, simple as a child can draw, smart as an adult can imagine. She basically invented the stereotypical company style, but only she can do such wonders...

Dress pattern and overlays are the evergreen pattern Melooni (Melon) in two of the many, many color variants... Background is a wonderful chartreuse Kaivo (Water Well) that I condensed to keep the patterns contrasty enough from each other... I have another version without the Mod targets overlaying it!

Mentioned it to my hairdresser, he remembers the old salon he worked at in the seventies in Grand Haven that had a Marimekko boutique... "I wish I had kept some of that stuff. It was so great." Then they made it a store of Memphis furniture. Again, he hated it for the last thirty years and now wishes he'd bought some.
Strongman by LiimLsan
For Jams-N-Studies
Strongman be strong
And sad
Dobie Lick by LiimLsan
Dobie Lick
Decided to try something warm and sweet...
This one was a sketch recreation off a painting I did in Savannah, GA that I stupidly left in a hotel room in Nashville on the trip back north a few months ago. I mean, when you're in the south, all you can think about is how the sweat sticks to your clothes and you want to remove them all...


Liam Feld
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
*Aspiring animator
*Bisexual and gender-ambivalent (physically male)
*Diehard Feminist
*Horrible with technology
*Traditional artist on the whole, I fuck around with digital sometimes
*Lives around the Great Lakes... Michigan and Chicago and such...
*Off-and-on Furry (currently on, I guess?)
*Had a mullet for the longest time...
*Atheist even though I'm an ordained Presbyterian deacon XD
*Liam... my name comes out of an Elfquest spirit name thing some friends and I did in fifth grade. "Lsan." I use it everyplace.
*A teutonophile, Fennophile, and opera nerd, fascinated by Americana and nationalism as a whole.

"Now is that any way for a lady to talk?"
"And this is the way you treat ‘ladies,’ I talk back?"
I'm trying to revive this account. I've let it lie fallow for about a year, and it's sorta annoying me.

It's the longest place I've been posting my art, so I figure I should keep up the streak.
(Moving and scrapping some of my more embarrassing art, though, is an issue...)
  • Listening to: Der Ring Des Nibelungens
  • Reading: Burton Bernstein's James Thurber biography &a
  • Drinking: Seattle Coffee

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