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Scale Monkey by LiimLsan
Scale Monkey
Monkey scale beast for Jams-n-studies, done while flexing my inking muscles. A bit overworked... I decided to set it upside down for fun's sake. Teeny!
The New Centaur's Guide To How To Sleep by LiimLsan
The New Centaur's Guide To How To Sleep
It's something I always wonder, how do they sleep? It's a battle against anatomy.

Currently hanging in the Columbia College Art in the Library Gallery...
Swamp Music by LiimLsan
Swamp Music
For Jams-n-Studies' environment of the week, "Dark eerie humid swamp. Methane bubbles belching up from under the muck. A haze hangs low in the air. There are fireflies."
Done while listening to "Man of La Mancha," which was quite funny... this one gave me a bit of trouble before I realized I was chasing the wrong part of the picture. Loosely based off my experience in Lake Katrina two summers ago, and some memories of Savannah from last month.
Eeeh, I really don't want to do the critter of the week, I can't think of anything for it...
Dragon Princess 2 by LiimLsan
Dragon Princess 2
Went back to the weekly Jams-N-Studies, and came up with this one of a princess dragonslayer with a dragon necklace teeth who sews decorative paneling into her dragon skins... it'll have to do...
Dragon Princess 1 by LiimLsan
Dragon Princess 1
The first of Jams-N-Studies for this week, about the dragonslayer - and I can't manage to get this done.
My first response was, who's more qualified to kill dragons than a princess with sunglasses? And I had this one, with necklaces draped over the bar and copious axes, then realized the piece was going nowhere slow and had to mercy kill it and start again.


Liam Feld
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
*Aspiring animator
*Bisexual and gender-ambivalent (physically male)
*Diehard Feminist
*Horrible with technology
*Traditional artist on the whole, I fuck around with digital sometimes
*Lives around the Great Lakes... Michigan and Chicago and such...
*Off-and-on Furry (currently on, I guess?)
*Had a mullet for the longest time...
*Atheist even though I'm an ordained Presbyterian deacon XD
*Liam... my name comes out of an Elfquest spirit name thing some friends and I did in fifth grade. "Lsan." I use it everyplace.
*A teutonophile, Fennophile, and opera nerd, fascinated by Americana and nationalism as a whole.

"Now is that any way for a lady to talk?"
"And this is the way you treat ‘ladies,’ I talk back?"
I'm trying to revive this account. I've let it lie fallow for about a year, and it's sorta annoying me.

It's the longest place I've been posting my art, so I figure I should keep up the streak.
(Moving and scrapping some of my more embarrassing art, though, is an issue...)
  • Listening to: Der Ring Des Nibelungens
  • Reading: Burton Bernstein's James Thurber biography &a
  • Drinking: Seattle Coffee

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Nikrain Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Student Filmographer
Hello there! :D Thanks for the fave dude ^_^
I had forgotten you had an account over here on dA!
LiimLsan Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Student Filmographer
You're welcome, after a piece like that especially!… Made me think of that...

As have I, pretty much. For about a year I've let it lie fallow, and I keep meaning to get back into this site. Who knows, I'll get to it one of these days, flush some of the old artists out and find some new ones...
Nikrain Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Student Filmographer
Well, that's quite the compliment!! My crowd scenes aren't as intricate, and I'm certainly no Korin.
But thanks again!

Yeah, I'm hardly as active as I used to be on here either. Deviantart is more a place for me to keep in contact with some of my friends from here, as well as a place to archive my art and track my progress, y'know?
LiimLsan Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Student Filmographer
I'm not much for crowd scenes anyway, makes me wonder why I'm designing a version of… for a concept portfolio. (I apologize for the abhorrently plodding chorus and the singers singing facing the audience. Poor form.)
You're better than me, I ignored all my friends on here ^^"
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Happy birthday! :iconcakeplz:
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Happy birthday, Liam.
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Happy Birthday.
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Was surprised to come across your comments on the Hüsker Dü video!  Probably shouldn't have been, though.
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